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Envato Elements vs Storyblocks – What’s The Best Content You?

Envato Elements vs Storyblocks

Step right up, dear creatives, for we’re about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the dynamic world of Envato Elements vs Storyblocks. Imagine a landscape bursting with high-definition motion graphics, melodies that tug at heartstrings, and templates that sculpt your vision into reality. Both platforms flaunt a treasure trove of multimedia downloads, all stamped with the golden emblem of royalty-free excellence.

Yet, as you wander this visual wonderland, you’ll encounter distinct stones of uniqueness on each path. Envato Elements serenades with whispers of elegance, while Storyblocks struts with efficiency and flair. Armed with our trusty compass, we’ll navigate the pricing constellations, explore a galaxy of media types, decode cryptic licensing, and unearth the hidden jewels of unique features. So, dear creatives, grasp this beacon of insight, for amidst this sea of choices lies your masterpiece, waiting to be crafted!

Understanding Envato Elements

Envato Elements interface: From Post Envato Elements vs Storyblocks

Envato Elements is a comprehensive stock multimedia service that encompasses a wide range of creative assets, including royalty-free stock footage, music, video templates, stock images, logos, graphics, and more. This platform offers the convenience of a unified subscription, allowing users to access and download as many digital assets as needed for a fixed membership fee. Envato, the parent company, boasts extensive experience in media licensing and has brought together previously independent marketplaces under the unified Envato Market brand Like Placeit and more.

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Unveiling Storyblocks

storyblocks interface

Storyblocks is a digital media licensing platform that provides an extensive library of stock videos, motion graphics, music, templates, still images, and other valuable materials for creating compelling content. It operates on a membership-based model, offering plans with unlimited downloads. Originally known as Videoblocks, this platform earned the moniker of the “Netflix of stock footage” due to its membership structure. Over time, it expanded to include audio and image content, solidifying its reputation as Storyblocks.

Common Features of Envato Elements and Storyblocks

Both Envato Elements vs Storyblocks serve as treasure troves for video creators, offering unlimited downloads of stock footage, photos, music, sound effects, graphic templates, and more. This abundance of resources empowers creators to bring their projects to life efficiently and effectively. Notably, both platforms cater to various categories, including nature, technology, sports, and more, ensuring that there’s something for every project.

Which Subscription Offers the Best Value for Your Money?

Envato Elements

  • Individual Plan (Yearly): $198 ($16.50/month billed annually)
  • Individual Plan (Monthly): $33/month (with an exclusive 75% discount for the first month)
  • Teams Subscription (2-5 members): $10.75/member/month to $14.50/member/month
  • Enterprise Solution (6+ members): Special quote required
Envato Elements Pricing


  • Starter Plan (Yearly): $180 ($15/month billed annually) – Includes 5 total monthly downloads of HD Footage, Music, Photos, Vectors, and Illustrations.
  • Unlimited All Access (Yearly): $360 ($30/month billed annually) – Provides unlimited downloads of HD Footage, 4K Footage, AE Templates, Music, Sound Effects, Photos, Vectors, and illustrations.
  • Pro Plan (Yearly): $420 ($35/month billed annually) – Offers unlimited downloads of HD Footage, 4K Footage, AE Templates, Music, Sound Effects, Photos, Vectors, and illustrations; includes Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe CC.
Storyblocks Pricing From Envato Elements vs Storyblocks

Both platforms place emphasis on the provision of unlimited downloads, eliminating concerns about reaching download limits or incurring additional charges. This ensures a seamless experience for users, whether they require high-quality stock footage, striking images, or captivating audio.

Which Platform Provides the Most Flexible Licensing Options for Creative Assets?

Both Storyblocks and Envato Elements offer royalty-free licenses that encompass commercial usage, granting users the freedom to incorporate assets into a wide array of projects without fretting over copyright issues. However, it’s important to note some distinctive licensing terms:

Envato Elements

  • Single-Use License: Each asset downloaded necessitates registration for a specific project. To utilize the same asset in a different project, re-downloading and re-registering is required.


  • Unlimited Project Coverage: Each file downloaded can be utilized in an unlimited number of projects, without the need for re-registration.

Additionally, Storyblocks does not guarantee model releases for all content. Recognizable individuals in certain clips may require explicit authorization for commercial use.

Unique Features Offered by Each Platform

While both platforms excel in providing essential resources for creators, they each offer unique features that set them apart:

Envato Elements

  • Custom Fonts and Presets: Envato Elements boasts a vast selection of custom fonts and presets, providing an extensive palette for enhancing visual projects.
  • Web Templates and Tutorials: In addition to assets, Envato Elements offers premium website templates and a wealth of tutorials covering design techniques, coding practices, and marketing strategies.


  • Maker Online Video Editor: This intuitive tool, included in all subscriptions, empowers users to create captivating video content through customizable templates and user-friendly editing features. It’s an invaluable resource for crafting marketing videos for social media platforms.

Ultimately, both platforms present unique offerings tailored to diverse creative requirements. Whether you’re seeking custom fonts and presets, or an intuitive video editor, these features can greatly enhance your creative process.

Choosing the Right Platform Based on Your Needs

In making a decision between Storyblocks and Envato Elements, it’s essential to weigh various factors that align with your creative requirements:

Comparing Asset Availability Across Categories

  • Videos: Envato Elements boasts a larger collection with over 3.6 million clips, providing a broader range of high-quality video options compared to Storyblocks’ 1 million videos.
  • Music & Sound Effects: Both platforms offer an extensive selection, with the choice depending on specific genre preferences and creative needs.
  • Templates & Graphics: Envato Elements excels in this category, offering an extensive range including custom fonts and presets.

Ease of Use

  • Search Functionality: While both platforms offer advanced search options, users have reported that Envato Elements’ search functionality is more intuitive.
  • Preview & Download: Both platforms offer user-friendly interfaces for previewing and downloading assets, with Storyblocks’ unique loopable video clips providing an added advantage.
  • Licensing & Usage: Understanding each platform’s licensing terms is crucial. While both provide commercial-use licenses, Envato Elements requires project registration for each asset, whereas Storyblocks offers unlimited project coverage.

Pricing Points and Options

  • Annual Plans: Storyblocks provides a range of annual pricing tiers, catering to different access needs. Envato Elements offers a single, straightforward annual plan, with the option for monthly billing.
  • Monthly Plans: Envato Elements offers a single monthly subscription plan, providing access to the entire library of creative assets. Storyblocks, however, does not offer month-to-month plans, requiring a commitment for the entire year.

By carefully considering these factors and aligning them with your creative vision and financial plan, you’ll be well-equipped to choose between Storyblocks and Envato Elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Envato Elements better than Storyblocks?

Both platforms have their respective strengths and cater to different creative needs. Envato Elements offers a wider range of assets and includes website templates and tutorials. On the other hand, Storyblocks provides unique loops without project linking requirements. The choice between the two hinges on your specific requirements.

What is better than Storyblocks?

If you’re exploring alternatives to Storyblocks, consider platforms like Envato Elements, Videvo, or Artgrid. Each has its own advantages in terms of content variety, pricing plans, and licensing options, and all offer at least one unlimited footage plan.

Is Storyblocks a good site?

Storyblocks is a reputable stock media platform, offering high-quality video footage, audio tracks, images, and more through affordable subscription plans. The platform’s unlimited downloads feature, coupled with comprehensive commercial use licenses, makes it a compelling choice for many professionals.

What happened to Envato Elements?

Envato Elements represents the evolution of Envato’s various stock media marketplaces, which have now been consolidated under a unified platform. The individual marketplaces, such as PhotoDune, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, and AudioJungle, have been integrated into the Envato Market, where you can still access each type of media individually and make on-demand purchases. Envato Elements continues to be a leading digital asset marketplace, providing a diverse range of creative resources under a single subscription plan.

Envato Elements vs Storyblocks: Almost the Same, But Not Quite

While both Envato Elements vs Storyblocks excel in providing stock footage and video resources, they possess distinct pricing structures and unique offerings that cater to different types of users. Ultimately, the choice between the two hinges on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your project requirements, budget, and creative vision carefully before making your decision.

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